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he is the Japanese sandman?

I'm a bit of a collector of phrases - sometimes for their content, often for their sound. An excellent example of the latter (which I could easily imagine Zippy the Pinhead repeating three times...) came up in class today.

One of my students was showing off the various ringtones on her phone, one of which was an obscure (particularly to my students) '80s song. I couldn't ID that song, but I mentioned the bit of trivia that the guy who did the contemporaneous "Science!" song (only a few heads nodded as I imitated Magnus Pyke...) was also a pioneer in ringtones: Thomas Dolby, according to his Wikipedia entry, "found[ed] Retro Ringtones LLC ... which produces the RetroFolio ringtone asset management software suite for companies involved in the mobile phone ringtone business."

In other words, I said, he was a ringtone tycoon.

Ringtone tycoon! Ringtone tycoon! Ringtone tycoon!

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