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oh hell now all the bottle-rocket freaks will come here...

It's November...and so the insane folk who dedicate themselves to posting an entry every day (just don't look at how many entries I had last November...) desperately dig into the bloggers' bag of tricks. And who am I to question?

Without further ado, a list of amusing phrases Googled to get readers here (however briefly):

beastliness in government
beaufort scale joke drunk
"dance based on child abuse"
deleting every other letter
donkey puns
grammar self centered (hey!)
how delete every site you have looked at or done
how to draw an umbrella
message bird
9 years old not this not this mountain quiz very
porky pig--"th-th-th-that's all folks!" --followed by the loony tunes theme music
pornstar ben harper
"rino christ" (the horn player on several releases from Les Disques du Crepuscule)
song never whistle urinal
spelling of word architecual
13 hours war house font
tinnitus photon machine
tootle the train communism
unfunny jokes (hey!)
vampire milk
warning narcs can dance too
woman shoots bottle rockets out her vagina
words only containing the letters m,i,s,p

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yellojkt said...

I have got to get a utility that tracks that for me. But it might just terrify me instead.