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So, let's say you're all green and energy-efficient and the like, and you push your fat-ass Hummer off a cliff (or better yet, someone else's fat-ass Hummer) and get yourself a nice, small, high-mileage car.

Feeling virtuous?

Could be...but what happens when you and your lovely partner are driving along one lovely spring day (perhaps to pick up some locally-grown organic veggies at a nearby farmers' market) and, you know, your fancies turn to the things fancies turn to in spring? And I mean now...

About the only advantage of a Hummer (the vehicle) is that if you were so inclined, a full-fledged orgy involving the entire Swedish beach volleyball team could be held inside - but how, pray tell, are you going to find room even for the lower-cased, non-vehicular hummer in a SmartCar?

Fortunately, the folks over at Treehugger have it all figured out for you horny crotch-monkeys. (With photos...kinda NSFW, but mostly only if you work for Mattel and you have lawyers with itchy motion-filing fingers. And at least one of those positions brings back some high-school memories...mighta been a Honda Accord, or a VW Rabbit...)

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yellojkt said...

Thanks to two-income parents, kids today don't know the joy of having erotic encounters in cars.

Another treasured childhood rit of passage ruined.