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I've written about Maki before; in my inbox the other day is a link to a couple of somewhat-lost Maki tunes, courtesy of (the also somewhat-lost: no updates for more than a year, until now) Vfib Recordings (which is also run by at least one ex-Milk Magazine writer).

Here they are. The first one's called "B Street" (which used to be "B Street Wander" in its appearance on a 1999 compilation called Pop Till You Drop, and which isn't called "1972" even though that would make more sense...), and the second one's called "I Miss You Now" (which I think has always been called that). Dan Franke, formerly of the Mighty Deerlick, a couple years back sent me a 2-CDR cache of Milwaukee and ex-Milwaukee bands that included a whole bunch of Maki stuff, much of which listed no title... Someday I should go through all the various versions and figure out which are different and which are simple duplicates. Ah well.

Maki "B Street"
Maki "I Miss You Now"

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