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because recognizing obscure in-jokes makes me feel superior to you, that's why

Those of us fortunate enough to live in areas served by print editions of The Onion may remember a period maybe five to ten years ago when, in inner pages with space to fill too small for an article, they'd use a fake story-continuation that consisted of nothing but the words "Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood" - repeated to fill the space. (I think nowadays they fill those spaces with in-house my favorite: "Page Numbers. Only in The Onion.")

Well, in this week's edition, they finally printed (or wrote) the story from which those words come. I'm curious as to whether this is a rerun of a very old Onion story, or a new one, with the "passersby" phrase a shoutout to that old little in-joke.


JJ said...

Shouldn't it be "he and another passerby were..." in the story? If that's the first time they've paid off that particular running gag, and they couldn't even get the grammar right... ugh.

I don't remember seeing that story in the early days, and the style feels very new-Onion to me, so I suspect it's not a reprint. But I don't know.

2fs said...

Actually, until your comment I hadn't read the online version: the print version is the more correct "he and other passersby..." The web version read "he and another passersby..." - which is just fucked up. For a long time, The Onion was one of the better-proofread publications around (at least in its Milwaukee print incarnation); it's declined a bit in that department.

czeltic girl said...

I used to love that little space filler.