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Following up from yesterday's post - I also know Scott Miller's birthday (it's April 4, 1960), but it's not his birthday yet. It's not Bob Dylan's either (May 24, 1941), but the two musicians have a curious connection. As explained in the intro to his version of Dylan's "Just Like a Woman," as a songwriting exercise Miller took Dylan's words and re-set them to his own chords and tune...and then wrote his own words to the resulting hybrid song.

That result showed up on Game Theory's Real Nighttime under the title "I Turned Her Away." Somehow I managed not to know this, even though I've been a fan of Miller's music in both Game Theory and the Loud Family for years.

Next you're going to tell me he wore a wig all those years. Miller, not Dylan - although come to think of it, Dylan's mid-sixties hairstyle is similar to Miller's trademark white 'fro...

Scott Miller "Just Like a Woman" (rewritten chords and melody; live, Foley's Cellar, SF, February 10, 2001)
Game Theory "I Turned Her Away" (Real Nighttime, 1984)


JJ said...

Man, I hate that Dylan song. Scott's version is definitely better, but it's a weird choice.

(Well, maybe not. The more distinctive the original was, the harder it perhaps would have been to write a new melody for it.)

Where's the recording from, by the way? I don't think I've heard whatever concert that is circulating on the net.

2fs said...

Not my favorite Dylan song, either - I wouldn't say it's not distinctive as much as it's kind of obnoxious. Anyway: this recording was in the recent batch of downloads up for a limited time via the 125 Records mailing list. I'm not sure when it's from though - anyone know?)

Steve said...

The recording was from a Scott Miller solo show in February 2001 (Foley's Cellar, SF, opening for the Posies).

2fs said...

Thanks, Steve - I've added the info to the entry.