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My backup system for downloaded mp3s involves grouping them into playlists of 20 songs each and burning them onto a CD. I don't organize the playlists; I just let them play alphabetically by filename. Anyway, playing my most recent such CD in the car, I found out that the track "Colours Move" by Fuck Buttons (I don't know if that name's supposed to designate a type of button, or if it's an explanation such as might be uttered by Flasshe) is followed directly by two songs from the band Holy Fuck.

Dirty words and alphabetical order, huzzah!

Anyway: with a name like "Holy Fuck" and a decided krautrock drone, you've gotta imagine Julian Cope is just kicking himself for not having come up with that band name first. And indeed, Cope's Head Heritage site gives the album that contains "The Pulse" a glowing review.

As for Fuck Buttons: they too are working the droning groove, in this case with a slightly freaked-out gazin' o' the shoes feel going on.

So there you go: hope you fucking enjoy them.

Fuck Buttons "Colours Move" (Street Horrrsing, 2007)
Holy Fuck "The Pulse" (Holy Fuck, 2007)

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yellojkt said...

Ironic that they go and make their names TV-MA and then record instrumentals.