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'appy birt'day, Squire

It's rather odd the things you remember, often for no particularly good reason. For instance: one pointless item rattling around my brain and left over from my prog-rock teen years is that today, March 4, is Yes bassist Chris Squire's birthday. (His 60th, in fact, according to Wikipedia.) I have no good reason to know that, yet I do, and of all the things to remember from my days as mad teen Yes fan, that info's stuck with me. (Do I know the birthdays of anyone else from Yes? No. Was I a particular fan of Squire such that I'd be likelier to remember his birthday? Not really.)

Anyway, in celebration of my quirky memory and the Rickenbacker-wielding Mr. Squire's 60th birthday, here are two tracks from his first and only (if I recall) solo album Fish Out of Water. The first one, "Hold Out Your Hand," received a bit of FM radio airplay back in 1975 when this album was released. The second one is the album's concluding track: nearly 15 minutes of sometimes intensely powerful discord, sometimes quite delicate melodic intertwining, called "Safe (Canon Song)" (the subtitle reveals the compositional concept underlying the track's build-up).

Prog out!

Chris Squire "Hold Out Your Hand" (Fish Out of Water, 1975)
Chris Squire "Safe (Canon Song)" (Fish Out of Water, 1975)

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Gil said...

I loved Fish Out Of Water! One of my fave Bruford performance!