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No More Wobbling!

In the past, you may have struggled to find the one item that meets all specified horn requirements, but now your worries are over.

Presenting...the Dudehorn!

The Dudehorn has been stringently redesigned expressly for dudes. No longer will you be bound by outmoded and frankly cumbersome horn standards. No, the Dudehorn presents fully rounded, 100% retensible reimaginings of the classic horn stratagems in a thoroughly modern package, but without any of the unpleasant strictures formerly imposed by over-stringent interpretation of typical horn modules. Fully compliant with all currently enacted regulations, yet flexible enough to accommodate the most recent emendations merely by cupping the donor gimble with the included ANSI adapter.

The Dudehorn.

It's for you.


yellojkt said...

Give a hint. Do you play it, wear it, or put it on your car?

2fs said...

It's post-transmodal - so, yes. Exactly.