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Monkeys have typed again, producing a song curiously titled "Oslo Also."

This one has a l-o-n-g history: the chorus phrase popped into my head probably a year and a half ago (I wrote an entry mentioning it a few months later, when a peculiarly and coincidentally related phrase played a key role in a dream I had), and it was more a question of finding time to actually record the damned thing (and getting started is always the hardest for me).

For all of that, the song turned out surprisingly close to what I'd imagined in the first place. The chorus melody and harmonies came first, the basic arrangement idea quickly thereafter (synth bass, four trebly acoustics playing the same chord sequence in different voicings: recorded at different speeds), and the last things to have come together (other than mixing decisions and minor details) were the verse melody and arrangement for the fade.

The recording also took way longer because...well, I won't bore you further with tedious tales of technological turpitude - let's just say I'm learning the limitations of my software.

Lyrics are (mostly) up at the notorious Monkey Typing Pool page; they are sculpted nonsense. Mostly chosen for sound, converged on a couple-few images. I wanted to record a non-depressing, non-snarky song - because you know, I was in a really good mood for some very specific reasons.

More on the way, more quickly - I promise/threaten.

Monkey Typing Pool "Oslo Also" (2007)

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yellojkt said...

Those monkeys have a way with words. They at least spelled everything right. The must have AutoCorrect on their typewriters.