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I've written before that Texans are different from us. In that post, I could also have mentioned the curious phenomenon, which could either be rather enticing or reticing (to invent a new word), that many Texan females are of the opinion that - rather like these women's state of residence - largeness is the best possible improvement their breasts might undergo. Unfortunately, the second-best improvement seems to be leatherizing their skin in an endless succession of tanning walking on the streets presented far too many examples of decolletage revealing two partially deflated and rather worn footballs stuffed into a swath of fabric nowhere near capacious enough to contain them.

The other thing Texan women like large is their hair. This photo does not allow us to judge any other volume enhancements its subject may have undergone - but for her own safety and reputation outside the great state of Texas, I have cropped this image (which was a header ad that showed up at my Houston Chronicle comics page) to remove her name and the product being advertised.

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