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Regarding the nursery rhyme: is there some reason anyone wishing to reconstruct an egg would, as a first choice, summon a team of horses? Are horses known for their uncanny egg-putting-back-together skillz? Am I missing something here?

Here's a curiosity (thank you, Wikipedia, for your heroic contribution to Avoiding Work):

Little man of little man, waits for himself, does not swallow
Little man of little man, by degrees of stuttering madwomen
Anal two that knots bears, anal two that leads
Strike from a louse small volume any watchman with a fish

This is a translation, from French, of phrases which, in French, sound very like "Humpty Dumpty":

Homme petit d'homme petit, s'attend, n'avale
Homme petit d'homme petit, à degrés de bègues folles
Anal deux qui noeuds ours, anal deux qui noeuds s'y mènent
Coup d'un poux tome petit tout guetteur à gaine

The English sounds like Nostradamus gone surrealist. Still, I don't think the renowned X-rated gay circus act, The Anal Two That Knots Bears, would be any better at egg reassembly.

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Paula said...

Humpty Dumpty was originally a riddle. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)