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a street so short there's no room for its apostrophe

A while back, I found myself wondering why is there a "street" a couple miles from our house that's barely a street at all?

In addition to opening my query to any Milwaukee-area Flickristas who might have a clue, I wrote to local alt-weekly Shepherd Express's "History Guy" columnist, Christopher Miller...and lo! he has responded.

The name of the street is "East Brunks Lane," and it turns out (as my doppelgänger, Czeltic Girl, also reported) to have been named after one William Brunk. Not "Brunks" - so at one point, one presumes it was actually "Brunk's Lane."

One day, all the disappeared apostrophes will rise up, and on that day, words will be broken up mercilessly, with no one able to possess their contraction into sheerest babble.

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