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fortune cookie deconstruction

Went out for Chinese tonight - the fortune I received after the meal said "The wise person takes advice rather than gives it."

Okay - but if that's true, who's giving the advice? Clearly, not wise people.

So how wise is it to take advice from dummies?

3 comments: said...

you reviewed disque 9.



2fs said...

Kaleb - Did you have anything to do with that band? Or just a fan? I think I still have that CD - although I haven't listened to it forever. I reread my review - what was I on? ;-)

k said...

I had nothing to do with that band - but I know from a past internet loev affair [maybe 1999?] that Mark Linkous jacked an entire song from those peoples. I'll investigate and return with facts. Mark was a lover of that band - he may have released a 7" and EP when they were both on Slow River.