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you animal!

Normally, I listen to songs before I post them. But it's 11 at night, Rose is sleeping, and my headphones are in the next room (I'm lazy), so I haven't heard this song I'm posting. Why am I posting it?

Because (1) Neko Case and Anti- Records will make a cash donation to Best Friends Animal Society for every blog that posts this song. So even if the song sucks (and I seriously doubt it will, given my experience with Case's last two albums), it's still worth posting.

Oh, and (2) I will donate money to the same organization if Neko herself comes by my house...say, next Thursday at about 2pm.

Neko Case "People Got a Lotta Nerve" (Middle Cyclone, 2009)

(via Anti-'s label blog - which also has info on posting the track yourself)

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