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Those looking for a relatively concise, impassioned summary of just how much George W. Bush has fucked up this nation should read yellojkt's four-part "Epic Fail" series (the link is to a convenient Google search that lists all four entries). I'm not sure who the remaining true believers are - oh, except probably for asshole jerks like our county executive Scott Walker, who's parading "ideological principles" as to why he wants to flush the county (and mostly, the city) down the toilet, since he's thinking that will help him in his upcoming gubernatorial run with the rest of the state ("I Killed Milwaukee" will be his slogan, should he get his wish) - but if there's a silver lining in this cloud of disaster, it might be that maybe, just maybe, folks will wise up to politicians hypocritically claiming to run for elected office "against government." Not that they're lying, exactly - they want to make sure the government stays well out of the way of their own power and wealth. The rest of us? Useful (in the voting booth) idiots, disposable otherwise. Can't find a job? Hey, the military's still hiring...but don't expect that, if you get injured, you'll actually get coverage, or even an honorable discharge, since they've got folks working to redefine your situation as pre-existing or not combat-related...

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yellojkt said...

Thanks for the link. I've gone and gussied up the Prologue with links to all four posts.