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swallowed alive

Two tracks featuring David Sylvian guest vocals.

The first one, "Linoleum," is by Tweaker a/k/a Chris Vrenna formerly from Nine Inch Nails. This is some remix or other, about which I have very little info because the track came my way on a disc I received in trade for something else... Anyway, even though this is from 2001 it somehow sounds rather dated to my ears, as if it's ten years older than that. I still like it fairly well.

But the better Sylvian-guesting-on-electronic-artist's-work track is Fennesz's "Transit." While there is a chord structure to this track, it would be far more obscured by Fennesz's fuzzy sonics if not for Sylvian's vocal, which outlines the chordal structure more clearly than the backing track's somewhat ambiguous approach.

David Sylvian's voice is one of those that inescapably associates itself for me with a particular color...the oddity is, I can't name the color, really. As a comparison: Michael McDonald's voice is, clearly, a rich shade of medium-dark brown.

Tweaker ft. David Sylvian "Linoleum (Wamdue 2step Vocal Experience)" (original recording on The Attraction to All Things Uncertain, 2001)
Fennesz ft. David Sylvian "Transit" (Venice, 2004)

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Shane said...

Thank you for this post. I especially appreciate your comment about the shade and color of his voice - very wellp put.