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I don't usually write about my personal life here, but today Rose and I celebrate the 25th anniversary of our first date. Those of you who know us know that I continue to be flabbergasted at my good fortune. My life is immeasurably richer with Rose in it, and the few bumps we've experienced along the way only make it more precious.

In addition to being the date we first got together, it's also the date, on that 9th anniversary, we got married - making today our 16th wedding anniversary. And because I'm geeky like that, it occurred to me that that combination of numbers is unusual if not unique, in that 9+16=25...but the square root of each of those numbers not only adds in the same sequence (3+4=5) but is itself a numerical sequence. (As Steve points out, I'm not a math teacher. I'm also not much of a copy editor, apparently.)

The other benefit of doubling up the anniversary celebrations is that we get to have another 25th anniversary nine years from now. I hope each of my readers finds as much happiness with their partner as I have.


Janet ID said...

Felicitations, Rose & Jeff! Here's to the next 9x16x25 years of romance & fun & home projects & sushi & kitty-caretaking & long friendship & happy sex & just great glee. Knowing you as a couple restores hope when hope is low.

Steve said...

3+4=5 ??
You're not a math teacher, are you? Congratulations for your silvergold anniversary (your 16th wedding anniversary on 9/16)!

B said...

Hey congrats! There are few things I like hearing about more than long, happy marriages -- my (relatively) new wife and I will raise a toast!

villain said...

congratulations to you both!

Flasshe said...

Congratulations! That's an awesome achievement.

I think it even qualifies you both to run for Vice President.