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"umbrella man" not shown because like these clowns can draw an umbrella

Those on the lookout for thrilling, edgy cartoons (and what the hell does "edgy" mean anyway? All cartoon panels have edges) are unlikely to look at the not-at-all beloved "Gil Thorp"...yet had they done a little digging, they would have found the new plotline the strip was going to begin a few days ago quite disturbingly edge-a-licious indeed. Sadly, the strip, as published, reverted to its unusual incomprehensibility and poorly drawn quasi-human figures (as always, click to illargenate):

The original strip, however, was far darker - a trip back into American history to show just how desperate a failed athlete could get:

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yellojkt said...

I knew Gil Thorp was stuck in the past, but I didn't realize that it was November 1963.