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things I didn't realize I didn't know, and things I know but keep forgetting

I keep confusing Brian Dennehy with Brian Cox.

Anyone else have that problem?

Also: as Flasshe notes, it's important for bloggers in particular to keep cameras with them at all times - you never know what you might see. For example, today I saw this vehicle on the road - and even though the website I've linked to was printed on the vehicle, so that I could find and share that image, it would have been much more fun to actually photograph it: "I was there!" All I know is, this is what I'd want to be driving in a rollover accident. Also, given the name of the organization, I keep thinking the vehicle should have a sound system playing the Who's "Now I'm a Farmer" (and I'm diggin diggin diggin diggin diggin!).


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yellojkt said...

I get Ed Harris confused with some other actor all the time.