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I did not see the black man I pushed in front of that bus, officer - I am color-blind

Some friends and I were talking over dinner the other night, and the question of whether race would be a decisive factor in the upcoming election came up. While we were cautiously optimistic that it might not, one of us pointed out that if it did, at least it would be increasingly difficult to deny the ongoing persistence of racism, however "politely" it might present itself.

Of course, then there's Fox News. Anyone with a brain ought to recognize that their credibility's about on a level with the late, lamented Weekly World News: I mean, "terrorist handshake"? And then there's Michelle Malkin, twisting logic into impossible, Escheresque knots trying to explain that, hey, referring to Michelle Obama with the phrase "baby mama" is, you know, not at all offensive. (Great column here on that...via The Angry Black Woman.)

Politeness be damned: Fuck you, Michelle Malkin; fuck you, Fox News; fuck you, anyone else spreading this race-baiting manure, who knows exactly what they're doing.

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Gil said...

I heartily second your "fuck you's"
Pathetic, but coming from the South, I'll be surprised if the race factor doesn't do Obama in. I hope not.

Funny, Stacey has said all along that a African American has more of a chance than a woman of any race to become president in this country. Should be interesting..