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fool's errand #3,754

Someone, somewhere, way back in 2003, entered the title of the eleventh track of the Wrens' third album, the much-praised and lengthily delayed release called The Meadowlands, incorrectly - as "Everyone Chooses Sides" (i.e., mundane statement describing situation implicitly calling on character to do so) rather than "Everyone Choose Sides" (i.e., imperative: to be done, right now - with somewhat sarcastic implication as to advisibility of so doing) - and due to its prominence at among other sites, it is now almost impossible to see the title listed correctly. Every online database I've seen lists it incorrectly, so when you insert the CD there it is: the wrong title. (Hoorah for, which gets it right, and Wikipedia likewise (although I have a vague memory that I might been the one to have corrected it there...), and boo for I submitted an error report to - but who knows what good it'll do, with the bad info perpetuating throughout the web and into everyone's mp3 collection.

Yes, I know.

Meanwhile, Charles and the lads are in a molasses-pouring race with Axl Rose and company to see whose next album can come out last...

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JJRJ said...

In reverse: years ago I saw errata on some music info website-- I think that said, paraphrased:

'The entry for Echobelly incorrectly referred to a song called "Nobody Likes You". The song is in fact called "Nobody Like You".'

(I liked this fact so much I stole it for something I wrote a few years ago.)