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planning ahead

For no particularly good reason, I made another muxtape, this one featuring songs naming days of the week.

So here you go: This Week's Songs.

Wire "Field Day for the Sundays"
The Negro Problem "Repulsion (Show Up Late for Work on Monday)"
Rock*a*Teens "Tuesday's Just As Bad"
Unrest "Wednesday & Proud"
The Futureheads "Thursday"
Bash & Pop "Friday Night (Is Killing Me)"
Jefferson Airplane "Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon"


yellojkt said...

I was just thinking if such as list was possible. I got as far as "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "Manic Monday" and then realized that 'Til Tuesday was a group and not a song.

2fs said...

Actually, there is a song called "Till Tuesday" - a friend of mine sent me it in a CD swap some years back - it's by a band called Bandola. No, I've never heard of them either.

There's also a very early David Bowie song called "Love You Till Tuesday" - which may even be the source of the band's name.