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I've been informally participating in the Thing Whose Cutesy Name I Can Never Remember Right - the one where you're supposed to write a blog entry every day in November (lookee me I've got a few in reserve, having written more entries than there've been days...howzat possible?) - and, inevitably, one of the gimme-type entries has come my way. I refer you to the fourth comment on yesterday's entry: I'm supposed to write "seven random or weird things" about myself...and already, I'm like should they be random, or weird, or both? I'm not sure how I'd go about writing random things about myself - I suppose I could make a long list of things and then figure a way to randomly choose seven - so I think I'll go with "weird" instead.

1. I have a(n annoying) habit of interpreting certain words literally when I know damned well they're meant in the more elastic, everyday sense of, say, "random" above.

2. I have an odd musical theory that people who lack technical knowledge of what's going on in music hear certain kinds of complex chords as, essentially, tone color...more or less as a second instrument, or as something differing from a simple chord on the same instrument as a muted trumpet does from a straight trumpet. (On that note, I'd like to say that I think music often discriminates, since we so seldom hear queer, bi, or transgendered trumpets.)

3. I have a more extreme than usual aversion to the sound of skreeking chalk on a chalkboard...and even thinking of someone skreeking their nails on a chalkboard gives me the willies. Eewwww...did, right there.

4. I don't like rolling up my sleeves. Literally, I mean: probably because I can never do it right, and they're always collapsing back down about my wrists anyway.

5. I always think I'm going to be more bothered by violence in movies than I actually am once I see them. (I do not interpret that fact as a challenge, however.)

6. I am annoyed when people insist on spelling their names with alternative cases. Relatedly, I am annoyed by parents who misspell their own children's names: I'm not talking about creative re-spellings (although those can be irksome too), but the dolts who name their kids "Jonathon" (or worse, "Johnathon"), "Micheal" (Gaelic speakers excepted), etc.

7. For no good reason, I am amused when people say "a" for "an" in trying to be funny. I trace this back to the NRBQ song "It Was a Accident," the saying of which phrase still makes me giggle. know, I've done several of these "weird things" posts, and people keep upping the ante: first five, then six, now seven. Anyway: now I'm supposed to "tag" seven more people. I'm pretty sure I've hit up nearly everyone I know for one of my method will be to go to people I don't know well or at all but whose sites are linked from sites of people I do know. (So, annoyed taggees: blame the fact that your friend knows me.) And, of course, those folks are supposed to do the same...until one day, everyone in the whole wide world will know absolutely everything about everyone else, and we'll all collapse into an enormous Borg-like hive mind and laugh at the silly days when we were "individuals" who had "weird things" to say about themselves.

Here are my victims mwah-hah-hah-haaa!

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Nerevised said...

Just found you on the Thing Whose Cutesy Name You Can Never Remember Right Randomiser. Your blog is really random, and also interesting.
I also have an aversion to parents mispelling their kids names, but I find the deliberate "creative" versions are much worse. eg Jaxsen. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

The Irish name Micheal is pronounced Me-hall so if Irish speakers are calling their children Micheal and pronouncing it Michael there is no need to except them.

Rick said...

SO you know, I play trumpet in a band with SEVERAL queer, transgendered, gay, etc. trumpets. (as well as many other instruments)

They are very rude and always lovely.

Mooselet said...

Damned memes... okay, I'll dig out the old lists. Or perhaps some new weirdness? How weird can one person be? Don't answer that.

yellojkt said...

These number things just keep getting bigger and bigger. It's like meme inflation.