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Here's a list of 2007-release full-length releases I've acquired this year between July and September. *** means it'll likely be in my top twenty at year-end (note that there have been a lot of good releases this year), ** means it's doubtful but possible, * means it's unlikely to do so, and # means it's ineligible (live albums, compilations, EPs: my list, my rules).

Interpol Our Love to Admire**
Spoon Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga***
Testa Rosa s/t**
Githead Art Pop*
LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver*
Von Südenfed Tromatic Reflexxions*
The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse**
Andrew Bird Armchair Apocrypha*
Get Him Eat Him Arms Down*
La Cacahouette French for Peanut*
Parts & Labor Mapmaker*
John Vanderslice Emerald City***
Tegan & Sara The Con**
Anton Barbeau & Su Jordan The Automatic Door**
Art Brut It’s a Bit Complicated*
Call Me Lightning Soft Skeletons*
The New Pornographers Challengers***
Slaraffenland Private Cinema*
St. Vincent Marry Me***
Caribou Andorra***
Joe Henry Civilians**
Paramore Riot!* (actually, this pretty much sucks: it was a gimme from
various OKX: Stereogum Tribute to OK Computer#
various Drive XV: Stereogum Tribute to Automatic for the People#
The Valley Arena sesso.vita*

Of this list: 11 were actual CDs purchased (only 3 of which are on major labels); 1 an actual CD sent to me for free; 9 were legal, paid downloads; 2 were legal, free downloads (the two Stereogum collections); and 2 were free downloads to which I was sent links by promoters.

Previous lists of 2007 releases are here and here.


yellojkt said...

Once again, your tastes are much hipper than mine. I have the New Pornographers album and used some iTunes credits to get three of the new Tegan and Sara songs.

125records said...

You downloaded the Stereogum tribute to OK COMPUTER but not the new Radiohead album itself?

2fs said...

This list is stuff I acquired prior to October 1 - the new Radiohead came out sometime in October. It'll be on the next exciting episode of Jeff's Music Collection!

Mrs. R said...

Tag your it.

czeltic girl said...

You have acquired more full-length releases in 3 months than I have in at least the last 5 years.