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As we finally return to "standard" time (the word's in quotes since now, it's Daylight Saving Time for more of the year than standard time), I find myself wondering whether there's some official terminology used when it's necessary to indicate a time between 1am and 2am on the day of the switch back to standard time...since in fact, there are two of all clock-moments between those hours, since at 2am the clocks switch back to 1am.

Say, a police report that needs to establish the time and sequence of an event: how does it differentiate between the first 1:03 am and the second one? Is it necessary to append "Central Daylight Time" or "Central Standard Time" (or any other time zone) to any mention of a time within that clock-hour?

(If anyone's wondering: I'm posting at 1:03 am CDT, not 1:03 CST.)


Anonymous said...

Really good question, but leads me to wonder... is there a police report you're not telling us about?

2fs said...