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A small publisher, Beaufort Books, has agreed to publish O.J. Simpson's "hypothetical" book about the killings of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Ironically, rights and ownership of the manuscript have been awarded to the Goldman family - and so the book's publication is being reframed as, somehow, an attempt to "honor the memory of the victims" of the murders. Yeah, if I were murdered, I'd sure want the chief suspect - who, of course, has obviously dedicated his every waking moment since to a search for the "real killer" (and who, unrelatedly, has removed every mirror from his mansion) - writing all about how he did it. I'd feel really honored for sure.

The title of the book, formerly If I Did It, is now slated to be Ha-Ha-Ha I've Totally Gotten Away With It You Stupid Bastards: Fuck You, I'm Off to Play Golf.


yellojkt said...

I like your title better. Meanwhile I run the risk of running into a cold blooded unrepentant killer. Fortunately, I don't play golf.

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