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Feast of the King

Feast of the King
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Found at a Speedway near Southridge. On sale two for a buck, 89 cents each, so of course I bought two. If I were a real Elvis fan, I'd have bought the box. And consumed it in one night.

The banana flavor is subtler than I would have guessed - Reese's are so sweet they have to emphasize that aromatic, almost acrid aspect of banana in order for it to pop. It's subtler than the Reese's caramel cups - whose caramel flavor comes across nearly in the manner of a hot pepper, just cutting across your taste buds and agitating your nostrils.

As I note at my Flickr site (where you can see the full-size image: clicky!), Elvis would have made a sandwich out of these, surrounding them with steamy bacon and putting the whole thing between two slices of trimmed Wonder Bread. Mmm - that's eatin'!


Paula said...

I am torn asunder.

On the one hand, this sounds delicious to me.

On the other, I think that Reese's, ever since they had success with their first peanut-butter-cup spin-off product, Reese's Pieces, has diversified to the point of mania. They are going to lose their identity if they introduce any more variations on the simple pb-cup theme, just like Oreo's has.

Mark my words, sonny!

2fs said...

Oreos have lost their identity?

Are you working for Hillary now?

2fs said...

Oh - also, this is one of those "limited edition" things that are all the rage now: malted-milk Kit Kats, mint Three Musketeers, etc. I have no idea how many different "Reese's" products are ongoing - except that calling something the "ReeseStick" (not "Reese's Stick") is a dumb dumb idea. Everyone says "Reese's," not "Reese" - unless they're trying to convey the notion that what you're actually crunching is "Reese's Tick" - not very appealing.

yellojkt said...

I had a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich at Graceland. Heart attack extra.

2fs said...

Local fixture The Palomino Bar offers one better than that: The Velvet Elvis...fried peanut butter, banana, and bacon. I'm tellin' ya, bacon is essential to these sorts of things...