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My car listening recently has been a CD-R I'd burned of various mp3s originally posted on various websites. Hearing Campag Velocet's "Drencrom Velocet Synthemesc" (from The White Noise Revisited, spinoff site from the late and lamented Spoilt Victorian Child), something sort of half-clicked. It took me a few minutes to figure it out (the song drones through seven and a half minutes, so I had time), but eventually, I realized something about the guitar tone in the latter part of the song was very similar to the guitar sound in a track by the Loud Family (one of my favorite bands ever), "Marcia and Etrusca."

So when I got home and listened to "Marcia and Etrusca," I realized not only was I correct, but there were many more similarities as well...enough to make me wonder whether (unlikely as it seemed) Campag Velocet had heard the LF track. Probably just coincidence...and the natural result of being influenced in part by intensely gazing at one's footwear - but the drum parts, the drone structure, even the lengths of the two tracks are similar.

Campag Velocet "Drencrom Velocet Synthemesc" (Bon Chic Bon Genre 1999)
The Loud Family "Marcia and Etrusca" (The Tape of Only Linda 1994)

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jon manyjars said...

Hey, good news: Simon has resumed posting at Spoilt Victorian Child! I missed him too, and the White Noise Revisited didn't do it for me.