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damn you Trader Joe's!

I have become addicted to The Ginger People's Ginger Chews. (No, that's not an obscure psychedelic album from the '60s.) I love ginger, and the chews have just enough, uh, chewiness (and a bit of sugar) to push them over the line from "interesting" to "uh-oh, I'd better stop eating these damned things..."


125records said...

See, I find them too gingery, though they'd probably be good to take along on a boat trip (isn't ginger supposed to be good for seasickness?).

Janet said...

You should try TJ's Triple Ginger Cookies as well!

yellojkt said...

I used to crave their Australian licorice, but then they quit carrying it. Damn you, Trader Joe.

Janet said...

...but then they quit carrying it. Damn you, Trader Joe.

Organic salsa. Moral Fiber cereal. Earl Grey green tea. Vegetable gyoza. Mix of La Muncha. At least five times since dropping anchor in Ohio, Trader Joe has broken my heart.