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I was listening to some Jonathan Richman yesterday, and it reminded me of a little dustbunny-covered item buried at the bottom of Monkey Typing Pool's file drawers. Probably ten or more years ago, one day I was home sick with a cold or sore throat clotting up my voice, and I realized I could do a better Jonathan imitation than I usually could. (Not that I wake up each morning checking the status of my voice's ability to imitate Jonathan Richman.) So naturally, I had to write a Jonathan Richman -like song to test this hypothesis. Even though I couldn't sing, even more than usually.

The results can be heard by clicking on this link which, through the miracle magic of modern technology, demonstrates the transformation of the sound of a twenty-dollar Radio Shack cassette player into a blindingly shiny digital soundfile.

Monkey Typing Pool "Breakfast"

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