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Following up on a comment on Little Hits' recent entry on Zumpano (New Pornographer A.C. Newman's old band), I found a copy of that band's contribution to a Ptolemaic Terrascope CD, "The Mods of Christmastown." I'd agree with James, the guy who mentioned the song, that in some ways the track is a dress rehearsal for the New Pornographers: a bit less extravagantly dressed, and the lyrics rather more plainspoken, but still Newman's melodic gifts are on display.

Going even further back in the Newman discography, here's "E-Z Bake Oven" from Superconductor, the guitar-clusterfuck spoof-metal act in which Newman sang and guitar'd. There are no credits with the CD, so I'm not sure if Newman had any input into the songwriting, but he's audible, shouting away. Actually, something about the melodic line sounds Newmanesque to me (might just be a clever illusion, though). What I like is the genius idea that what the song needed was a pedal steel on the fade...

Zumpano "The Mods of Christmastown"
Superconductor "E-Z Bake Oven"

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Anonymous said...

Actually Carl wrote most of the songs - except for EZ Bake which was written by Warren, the other songwriter.