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a dog story

It seems to be the thing around here to talk about dogs, so here's my go:

As I'd mentioned, we were on vacation at our friends Bob and Susan's house in Lancaster, California, last week. On Wednesday afternoon (I think), their friends Dennis and Laura dropped by. They were talking about their dog, and how they'd found him. They went to the humane society looking to adopt a cat, but along the way, they found themselves looking at the puppies. One dog in particular, a lab called by its previous owner Bo, charmed them. And when they found out the puppy was to be put down the next day (unfortunately, this humane society is not a no-kill facility), their minds were made up, and they came home with an unexpected puppy.

So they're talking to Bob and Susan about their dog, and Susan notes that, hey, that sounds a lot like the dog Yvonne (their neighbor) had had. Yvonne had had to give up the dog because she simply didn't have time to take care of it, her life having become unexpectedly messy shortly after she got the puppy. The more everyone talked, the more it became clear that Dennis and Laura's dog had been Yvonne's. Even the name given by the humane society, Bo, matched the name Yvonne had given her puppy.

Keep in mind that Lancaster has a population of over 100,000 - it's pretty amusing, and fairly against the odds, that Bob and Susan would know both of the folks who'd adopted this particular dog! A good thing, too - Yvonne had been worried about Bo, but hadn't been able to find out what happened.

So, a happy ending for humans and pup.


Anonymous said...

Your story has a happy ending but the girl who "just didn't have time" shouldn't have just left the dog at a kill shelter. That is so irresponsible. Why people get dogs and then find that they cannot handle the responsibility, then decide to rid themselves of the dog and give it over to a kill shelter, taking the chance that their dog may very well be killed is beyond me. I hope your friends see this in this woman. I work at a kill shelter so I know all the lame excuses of why people decide to be dickheads about giving their dogs to the shelter to possibly be killed. When a person surrenders their dog to a shelter, they give up all rights to the dog and the dog becomes the shelters property.

2fs said...

As I said, she was in some personal difficulties at the time - and maybe hadn't thought it through. I don't know her. But yeah: I wish people would think these things through. There are always alternatives, even if they might be a little more difficult.