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cutting off the soles of my shoes, climbing a tree, and learning to play the flute

Well, I'm out here in Sunny California* on vacation, staying with a couple of friends here in the hometown of Frank Zappa, Lancaster, California. It's one of those afternoons when everyone just poops out, and so while everyone else naps, I'm posting. I'm looking out the window at the lovely xeriscaped backyard at our friends' house, where some sort of small tree (everyone but me here would know its name) is in bloom with lovely pink, red, magenta, and white petals above leaves the color of not-quite-ripe bananas.

We drove into Pasadena yesterday, in time to have our ears assaulted downtown by four or five firetrucks dispatched to (presumably) a fire a block or two from where we were eating lunch. Oddly, when we walked past that block afterwards, there wasn't the slightest sign that anything had happened. Maybe an employee of Restoration Hardware was shoplifting a $75 faux-vintage silver toilet-paper roll holder and was diverting attention?

Unfortunately, our attempt to visit the grounds and library at Huntington Gardens was thwarted by our failure to note in advance that it was closed Mondays. Tomorrow we're meeting an online acquaintance for lunch.

But the main thing we're doing is: lotsa nothing. I'm getting behind on that - gotta go. Beer, a book, and a comfy chair are calling me.

* In fact, at this moment, the sky is filling with leaden gray clouds, and there's rain in the forecast. But hey - it's probably twenty degrees warmer than it is back home, so I'm sure as hell not complaining.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is a burglar. Thanks for letting us know you're on vacation. I'm currently typing this from the computer in your den. Wow, you sure do have a lot of CDs! And believe me, it wasn't hard to get the cat to tell us where the expensive jewelry was hidden. And additional thanks for having your browser save all your passwords - I've ordered a lot of cool stuff from online retailers today. It was a bit of a hassle to change the shipping address, but worth it. Also, you're out of cheese.


2fs said...

Dear Burglar:

Thank you for building that den addition - we'd discussed doing that for quite some time, but we're only too happy to have an industrious burglar do construction work on the side. As to those jewels: oh those cats are tricky - I do believe they told you where the neighbors' jewels were, since we have none. We humbly apologize for the lack of cheese: had you given us more notice of your felonious schedule, we would have provided a nice Norwegian Jarlsberg for your dining pleasure. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the den was added by the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition people. You can't pin that one on me.

Latre. --Burglar

velvet lane said...

Dude who said you could take a vacation? Are you going to see Sue and Joe?