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three unmeshable things

* Are you curious about trend-hopping parents and the names they give their future-Springer-fodder kids? Or do you just want to know how many dopes out there misspell "Micheal" and "Jonathon"? Here's a graphically cool site that'll let you know. (Bonus: enter in "Willow" and "Xander," observe the timeline, and guess which TV show had a measurable impact on naming during the last decade.)

* Was George Lucas right?

* And finally: robot monkeys! (sort of...) Now if only they'd dress 'em up in pirate outfits...

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Anonymous said...

Gee whizzies, "Benjamin" is almost unbearably common. Maybe I should have gone with early choice "Jesse" after all (but is my son ever so NOT a Jesse, as it turns out!). "Jesse" peaked in the 1980s along with "Janelle", so the tots would have been cooly matched in retro-namedness (or is that hopelessly-outmoded-namedness?). Oh well, it's not like I named my kids "Downy Mildew" or sommat. Jeff, that was a great link - just tons of fun, thanks!