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silence please! poets at work!

First, you folks rock! I love the poems! I'll stop using exclamation marks real soon!

So, here's my measly little contribution:

A stitch in time might save mine,
as a cloud knits a cliff to the sky,
a needle threads the voice
through the turntable's whirry
spiral in ever closer orbits.

But if the air's blue current
erodes the spilling canyons
and leaps the voice's ridges
I skip
gripped by time and falling
untethered, unthreaded, unwound.

- and here are lessons learned:

Positive: the arbitrary collection of words did make me put ideas together I wouldn't otherwise have been likely to have come up with.

Negative: if you're writing a ten-line poem in ten minutes, do not treat the poem like an old-movie valise overstuffed with concepts and imagery.

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