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TV, or not TV?

Sue T. has been writing about her reality-show jones (August 6 and August 8 entries). I'm thinking, it's only a matter of time before these shows become, uh, reality:

Don't Restrain Yourself Several guys compete for the affections of a pretty young thing and see which one is the first to get a restraining order put out on him.

Barfight! Teams of two go into the roughest, toughest bars. One person's job is to try to start a fight. The other person's, to weasel their way out of it. The winner is whoever can walk out the door under his own power.

Huh? Network executives compete to come up with an actual idea. If they do, they lose. (Some problems here: the test run consisted of a bunch of guys in suits sitting utterly still with quizzical expressions on their faces for up to five hours at a time. Not exactly exciting TV...)

Boing-Boing Not only is this a reality show, it's live, in real-time! Teams of well-endowed women, wearing skimpy t-shirts and short skirts, jump up and down for as long as they can. When they fall over, they get sprayed with a hose. (Wait - I think this one is already on the air.)


Anonymous said...

"Boing-Boing" sounds like the "girls jumping on trampolines" segment of Comedy Central's "The Man Show."

2fs said...

Oh man - so my joke about "that's already on the air" isn't really a joke at all? That's much funnier than the joke I did make. Crikey.