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Two entries in a row dedicated to trivia...hmm, must get back to Important Things. Such as trying to conduct my daily life not under the influence of harmful doses of outrage at the usual bovine ordure emanating from the Ass-Hat-in-Chief. Mark Morford's column for last Friday includes the following abbreviated list of "issues about which BushCo has either completely reversed his position, or has simply openly lied to the nation":
"The creation of the 9/11 commission. The Iraq WMD investigation. The Israeli/Palestine conflict. Nation building. Same-sex marriage. Veterans' benefits. The value of Osama bin Laden. The Saddam/al Qaeda link. North Korea. The U.N. vote on Iraq. "Mission accomplished." Ahmed Chalabi. Steel tariffs. The Department of Homeland Security. Campaign-finance reform. Energy policy. Hybrid cars. The deficit. Assault weapons. Abortion. Science. Global warming. The environment."

The following paragraph in Morford's article contains links to three more sites listing vast quantities of our Flip Flop's flexible relationship with and commitment to truth.

And then there's this, on The Big One, courtesy Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo site, rather like Jon Stewart's famous video clip of Candidate Bush (in 2000) vs. President Bush. Here's W on July 30: "We have a clear vision on how to win the war on terror and bring peace to the world." And here he is Sunday: "I don't think you can win [the war on terror]. But I think you can create conditions so that the — those who use terror as a tool are — less acceptable in parts of the world."

And finally, here's Bush once again being too stupid to realize he's being just honest enough to prove himself a liar: "I can understand why Senator Kerry is upset with us. I wasn't so pleased with the ads that were run about me. And my call is get rid of them all, now." What do you mean "us," kemosabe? Remember? You had nothing to do with it. (That's also from Marshall's site, citing Andrew Sullivan, of all people.) Hint: if the answer to "have you ever used cocaine?" is "no," just say "no" - because all other carefully phrased answers do not equal "no," and therefore equal "yes." (Either one's used cocaine or one hasn't.) Similarly, if there are military records that once and for all get rid of the accusation that you were a deserter, and you say you'll release them, there's no good reason not to have released them immediately and publish them in 72-point type. That this issue is still unresolved (technically)...well, what benefit does Bush have in leaving it unresolved, if he could resolve it in his favor?

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