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Someone really should check up on the water being provided to members of the RIAA and heads of record companies...their increasingly absurd paranoia makes the later years of Howard Hughes come across as a pinnacle of commonsensical reforms in hygiene and comfortable footwear. They remind me of someone at an airport worried to a feverish sweat that something they say might possibly be construed as a reference to an idea that could imply familiarity with a joke that might refer to a bomb. I refer to Greil Marcus's "review" of...well, I, too, am afraid to tell you, exactly, lest someone find out - but a text search on the word "watermarked" within the text frame at the above link should help you find it. Apparently, the new idea is to try to sneak out new releases by high-profile, potentially bootleggable artists in an entirely sub rosa fashion, as if they're spies tunneling beneath the Berlin Wall and bearing coded transmissions of the most ponderous import. Are they blood-testing music reviewers yet, and assembling thick dossiers on their history and trustworthiness?

(I wonder how the "real" Arthur Moore - featured on this compilation - feels about his new fame? I guess I give someone some credit for picking a clever, obscure pseudonym, anyway...)

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