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You'd think Amalgamated ConHugeCo and their ilk would get it by now: launching lawsuits against folks who'll take an entire lifetime to earn what the corporation's CEO earns in five minutes is not exactly good public relations. So yeah, here's Microsoft, living up to its heavy-handed reputation... The best part, though, is this: "Rowe registered the [website's] name in August. In November, he received a letter from Microsoft's Canadian lawyers, Smart & Biggar" - wait a minute, "Smart & Biggar"? Is that supposed to be intimidating? Didn't Bart use that once calling Moe's? It gets better, Rowe's website (which I'm not linking directly, because his host is getting overwhelmed - and my five readers would send that camel to a chiropractor, at least, particularly if they happened to carrying any straw), he notes that Microsoft claimed that the phonetic similarity of the name might cause confusion, in that even though Microsoft doesn't do web design (Rowe's avocation), it does make a web-design package, FrontPage. Uh-huh...a corporation that consistently copyrights generic words and phrases for its products and services (Office, Word, FrontPage, "where do you want to go today?") now is fighting the fight for clarity and distinctiveness in product-naming.

In even more trivial news, we were watching American Beauty earlier this evening, and I'm wondering why Peter Gallagher's eyebrows didn't receive their own credits. Do they each have their own IMDb entry, and do they squabble with one another like the Olsen twins...?

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