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movin' on up...

No, it's not exactly a deelux apartment in the sky (or even the Upper East Side) - but this is the (second)-last post at Blogger. I'm moving to WordPress. Primarily because of this.

I'd rather not find out a bunch of my entries have disappeared (so far, it looks like they haven't). It'll take me awhile to update all references...and unless Blogger deletes them, all entries will remain here (because hell of cross-referencing) - but no new posts here.

Everything (except this and the last, place-holding entry) is now at my new digs. If you've bookmarked or linked to this site, please change its URL to Thanks.

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yellojkt said...

That is frightening. I had a run-in with Youtube over a slideshow set to a Paul Simon song. I hate his bastard lawyers.