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whoa, whoa - slow down you guys, I can't keep up

I guess I should have expected this, after the Wrens made and ate a soup that contained samples of Robert Pollard's hair and fingernails: they've just made available for download two entire new songs in the last week or so!

Of course, once again (as with "In Turkish Waters" and "Pulled Fences"), the new, untitled song posted at Magnet Magazine's site a week or so ago is the same as "Marked Up," posted at Stereogum. It's even the same recording this time.

So no, the Wrens haven't premiered four new songs online in the last few months...only two. Cheating bastards. It's that kind of sneaky repackaging that ensures that in twenty years, the chief economic output of the state of New Jersey will be endless permutations of the Wrens' scanty catalog.

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