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Hey! You got Onion in my CNN!

So I'm having lunch at Comet and reading The Onion, when I happen to look up at the TV, which was playing CNN. There's a crawl at the bottom saying something like PORN INDUSTRY WANTS ITS OWN BAILOUT.

You know that Philip K. Dick novel Time Out of Joint, where the main character Ragle Gumm finds objects disintegrating in front of him, replaced only by scraps of paper saying things like DESK and the like? (You know that Orson Scott Card - author of Ender's Game - and the folks who put together The Truman Show should be paying Dick's estate royalties...) This was a more high-tech version, where somehow the world of The Onion had escaped its textual confines and had virally infected the actual news.

That must be the answer. Because with more people unemployed with nothing else to do, how could the porn industry possibly be suffering?

(Next post will not mention The Onion - promise. Unless they pay me.)


Steve said...

This brings new meaning to the term "stimulus package"..


2fs said...

Sadly, Steve, I believe CNN made the very same joke...

Flasshe said...

We were talking about this at work. You know the country's in trouble when even that industry is having problems making ends meet.