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stupid career moves, pt. 372

I read a review (probably in The A.V. Club) of a film called The Reader, which features an actor named David Kross. Now, apparently that's his real name - he's German, and sometimes spells it with the funny capital-B-looking thing Germans use for double S's - but it's positively silly for any actor beginning his career now to use the name "David Kross" even if it's the name he was born with. Because he'll spend his entire career going, no, not David Cross, the stand-up, actor, and co-star of Mr. Show, but David Kross - with a K, the obscure German guy whose agent and manager are clearly woefully uninformed. Almost anything would have been better than "David Kross": "David Krauss," even "David K. Ross," hell even "The Great Grimpen Mire"... But "David Kross" - that's just silly. That's like someone calling himself "Phillip Seymore Hoffmann" or something...

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