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So I'm reading an article from The New Yorker on Elvis Costello's talk show (having neither cable nor terrestrial TV, this was a surprise to me), and I discover the following rather peculiar typographical sequence, in reference to '60s singer Billy Stewart, "R. & B. singer."

What? Those periods and spaces are just weird, especially in conjunction with the otherwise abbreviation-friendly ampersand ("R. and B." would be exceedingly odd, but somehow more internally consistent).

And I thought The New York Times' infamous "Mr." or "Mrs." fetish was odd (deployed most infamously in a late-seventies article on Meat Loaf, referring to him, absurdly and comically, as "Mr. Loaf").

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125records said...

That New York Times story is apocryphal.

btw my capcha was "pubemica" - that sounds dirrrrty