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Welcome to the Palindrome

Have you heard the one about how Obama chose his running mate so that their names, together, would sound the first line of a hymn to a weapon deified? "O Bomb abidin'..."

Okay, that hasn't happened yet...but I wouldn't be surprised. What's also amusing is that such lame punning on candidates' last names has been indulged in by the likely subconscious form of Sarah Palin choosing the odd verb, one which almost sounds like her last name, "palling" (as in "palling around with terrorists"). Somehow, working together a decade ago with a man who, when Obama was 8 years old, advocated violence in the anti-war effort, constitutes "palling around with terrorists." I love the plural, by the way...I mean clearly Obama spends most of his off-hours hanging out with every terrorist on the block, shooting hoops and passing arugula-haters.

I wonder if Palin, in her "pro-life" stance, has ever met with any of the folks who winked at or even applauded the murder and terrorization of abortion providers. And I wonder why, even though every homegrown terror group of note over the last two decades has been right-wing (Oklahoma City, anti-abortion, arguably Waco), this flimsy accusation of "terrorist" against a man who once worked with a man who's worked with both Democrats and Republicans on various educational issues has any media traction at all.

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