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We begin with Negativland's "By Truck" - a reconfiguration of the usual perspective, wherein the importance of trucks to the consumption of our breakfast cereals received its due.

We follow that with Was (Not Was)'s absurdist logic problem "Tell Me That I'm Dreaming" - which, as an aside, features a line that might perhaps take early '80s entrepreneur-worship to its ridiculous extreme.

And finally, Aphex Twin mutters like a masturbating dwarf in a basement window-well, making some sideways associations, in "Milkman."

Our common thread? Well, my first published online writing was for the late, lamented Milk magazine - and so, although I'd thought of this trio of tracks before this realization, their consideration seems fitting for this my 1,000th post.

Negativland "By Truck" (Thigmotactic, 2008)
Was (Not Was) "Tell Me That I'm Dreaming" (Was (Not Was), 1981)
Aphex Twin "Milkman" (Richard D. James Album, 1997)

(That link above is to a fascinating article by Peter Blegvad, illustrator, musician, and curious thinker, whose work - particularly his The Book of Leviathan and his collaborative album with John Greaves and Lisa Herman Kew: Rhone - is worth seeking out...although frankly, the rest of his musical output is less compelling than that album.)

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