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might be a bit difficult to obtain...

I'm (still) in the midst of digitizing my CD collection, and I ran into Polvo's first EP. The name of the "label" (I think it's really just self-released) is "Jesus Christ," and I think it was chosen solely to allow the following copyright notice that appears at the bottom of the back cover:

Unauthorized reproduction without the express written consent of Jesus Christ is prohibited.


yellojkt said...

What would Jesus do?

Aaron said...

That's completely awesome.

I hope that Your Mom Records has done the same thing at some point.

(I have no idea if there's a record label called Your Mom, or rather, I have no evidence. I feel like it follows from various a priori truths. Probably it was a ska label in the 90s.)

Don L. said...

What is the name of the EP? And, what songs are on it? I'm trying to figure out if I have it or not. Thanx!