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Sarah Palin - Sarah Palin! - has called Henry Kissinger - Henry Kissinger! - "naive," for understanding that diplomacy sometimes involves talking with people with whom you disagree. Kissinger - naive?

I mean, Kissinger is many things - world-class war criminal, say - but on the list of adjectives that aptly describe him, "naive" is approximately 49,537th. And for Sarah Palin to be the name-caller...

I keep waiting for Andy Kaufman to take off the McCain mask he's been wearing the last few years, and say "surprise! it's me! I'm not dead - but the real John McCain was the only one who knew I was alive, and as he was dying we came up with this great idea..."

I'm pretty sure Caligula's horse was more qualified to be a Roman consul than Palin is for VP.

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