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Lisa Frank does NIN graphics

Over at Click Opera, a discussion about which font to use on Momus's forthcoming release evolved quickly to address issues of appropriation, influence, postmodernism, and property (of course...), but not before two commentors weighed in with their visual arguments concerning the importance of appropriate design.

These arguments took the simple but brilliant form of "remixing" a couple of classic Joy Division covers. Here's the remixed cover of Closer...with one telling change from the original:

(via "viceanglais" at

And here's what Unknown Pleasures' cover might have looked like had it been designed instead as a graphic for a preteen girls' school folder:

(via "microworlds" at

(The original covers may be viewed here and here.)

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B said...

when that second example turns up as M.I.A.'s next album cover, i'm not going to be surprised...